Verizon Wi-Fi call not working on android: Make or Receive

Free Wi-Fi calling services from Verizon now launched and open to all android users, but you have to follow the specific requirements guideline declared by Verizon wireless in United States. Some quick solution and fixes that’s really works on Wi-Fi call not working on Android smart phone. People most choose and use Verizon Wireless network for calling and internet facility because it’s cover largest area in USA while you are travelling and Different working areas.

From the history: Wi-Fi calling for android users from Verizon first available in Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge and Samsung Galaxy S7. Now HD voice or Wi-Fi calling available in more then 28+ Smartphone, that’s supporting 4G LTE network.

Steps on Fix Wi-Fi call not working on android mobile

Wi-Fi call not working on android mobile

Update your android version

Go To the Settings App > Move to bottom (Scrolling screen) About Update > System Update > Check For Update > Tap on Download (If you device able to get or download android update).

Not compatible with android mobile

Make sure about you mobile compatible for make Wi-Fi call (Wi-Fi compatible Android device), if yes then Check your Verizon account eligible for HD Voice or Wi-Fi calling.

Update your address

Set up your Address, Verizon Easily identify your region cover up or Eligible for Wi-Fi calling. Go to the Home Screen > App Menu > Settings > Advanced Calling > Wi-Fi Calling > Tap on Update Current Emergency Address.

Turn on Wi-Fi calling from setting

Check Wi-Fi calling in Turn Off, Go to the Home screen > App Menu > Settings > Advanced Calling > Tap on Activate Wi-Fi Calling, Next follow on screen instructions.

Wi-Fi calling disabled/ Blocked by company

Contact Verizon support executive or go to regional local Verizon store.

Wi-Fi signal too low or not connected

Wi-Fi is Turn on or Selected for 4G or LTE data plan. Or Restart your Device then recheck it.

Help to other if you have any alternate ways or self-learning tips on Wi-Fi call not working on android (Android N, Android Lollipop, Marshmallow) supported devices.

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