How to View, Read, open .Dat file on windows PC/ Laptop

Before extracting or View/ Read .Dat file on your Windows Laptop or PC. You must understand what is .dat file and which platform use this binary file format and way. Dat file first used by Microsoft exchange server in to winmail.dat file in mail attachment and rest of other services now using as well. This file may be image (.jpeg, .png, .AVI), Video, Audio, Document Excel, text or Other file type. For the security reason also first you check about from where you get, source of file that you receiving from online source. Because some time make in trouble.

Here I will give guide on simplest ways to open .dat file using third-party basic software mostly installed on all windows PC/ Desktop system.

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Read and Open .Dat file on windows PC or Laptop

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Open folder view where you copied/ Downloaded or Saved file on your device.

From top pane in windows 10, Go to View > Large icon > Fine name extension.

view file extension on windows

Rename it, right click on file > Rename

 Change file formate in to dat on windows

Change file extension. From (jpeg, png, txt to Dat)

Now your file has been converted in to .dat file.

Reverse process is so simple, for View or read .dat file

Right click on .dat file, rename file extension. To see view file extension follow the above step 2. After that you will receive popup, Go for yes,

Converted in to dat file: Open .Dat file on windows

Otherwise, select open with.

Open dat file in another windows program

Here, i would like to recommended choose Microsoft excel program or txt. Because that support mostly all .dat file.

For the specific reason, you can also choose other program like VLC or Media file format that support video and media file.

Comment me or share your idea about how to Open .Dat file on windows 10 or windows 8. Or make .dat file.

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