Where is Microphone Located in RAZOR BLADE 15 and Fix microphone issues?

Microphones have been a major issue in recent times. But, at the same time, talking about the RAZOR BALDE 15 series laptops, which are well known for their gaming laptops. Microphone plays a major role in this laptop. Through research, many users have faced microphone issues.

Here we have discussed a few problems and solutions that problem:

Where Is The Microphone Located?

The Razorblade 15 laptop has an integrated camera in the laptop itself. So, if your model consists of an Integrated camera, then you would have noticed a small tiny hole consisting of your microphone beside the camera.

The image shown below shows you the alphabetic letter A, i.e., the integrated microphone.

microphone location1
microphone location1

It has an audio jack available at the hinges near the left, which can be used as an external microphone.

How To Troubleshoot a Malfunctioning Microphone?

Troubleshooting the malfunction of the microphone in the razer blade is simple.

Follow the steps to overcome the issues:

  • Go to the Start menu in the bottom left and follow by going to settings.
  • After opening the setting menu go to privacy and go-to microphone.
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 1
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 1
  • As shown above, you can toggle them on/off the microphone options or you can specify an application in which the microphone can be used.


Many other reasons can be associated with microphone-related issues. To fix the microphone, you could also follow the rules as below;

  • To check whether the microphone Is working properly make sure that any other external microphone is not been used simultaneously.
  • As stated before kindly go to the speaker icon followed by the recording devices.
  • Select the recording device, under that go for the microphone tab.
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 2
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 2
  • Check whether the microphone is responding or not, if it’s not responding right-click the speaker icon and find for the troubleshoot sound problems.
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 3
troubleshoot a malfunctioning microphone 3

If the problem persists, kindly go through for updating the drivers.

How To Update The Driver In The razor blade 15?

Seeing the above problem, we suggest you make an update through the system.

Kindly try performing the above steps and then perform these steps further:

  • Go to the search bar and search for the device manager.
  • After opening the tab, kindly see for audio inputs and outputs.
update the driver 1
update the driver 1
  • Drag down the option which you have searched you will be able to see the driver as to update or enable as shown.
  • Continuing the further enable the device as shown.
update the driver 2
update the driver 2
  • Make a right-click and see the option of update driver select it.
  • By performing the onscreen notations if the issues are still there kindly uninstall and reinstall o the system.
update the driver 3
update the driver 3
  • If you uninstall the driver then see for action in the top menu.
  • Right-click for scan for hardware changes. Then your blade system will automatically make the install of the drivers.

If your issues are still the same in the razor blade, we suggest you make the recovery of a system or a factory reset.

RAZOR Blade 15 Headphone Jack Not Working?

These issues can be accounted as an external issue still we got a solution for this.

We recommend you try the above steps too to resolve the issue.

Follow these steps:

  • Go for settings.
  • In setting, search for the audio devices.
  • There you could get an option for selecting the devices.
  • Click for headphones.


  • Kindly you can go for the Realtek app, and make an install for it.
  • Allow the permission asked for if got blocked by the system kindly restart the system.
  • You can check for this site to update drivers :


RAZOR BLADE 15 Not Detecting The Microphone Plugged, Not The Combination Jack?

To overcome this type of issue, we have a solution that might help you get the microphone detected.

Follow these steps :

  • Go to the search bar and search for the Realtek audio console.
  • Click on the Realtek audio console, go to the device advanced settings.
  • There you could see an option of changing the playback device from this “ Make internal and external output devices playback two different audio streams simultaneously” to the
  • Mute the internal output device, when an external headphone plugged in.”


You can use the before discussed step in enabling the microphone to make the changes by disabling the lower two options, too, as shown in the image.

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