Where is Microphone Located on Asus Chromebook and Enable Microphone & Fix issues

It looks like you have an Asus Chromebook laptop that’s why you are here. You will be facing some problems that I had also faced like the microphone not working and all. I am here to solve your problems efficiently without any confusion.

Let’s begin with the question that you may be facing while using the Asus Chromebook laptop: –

  1. Where are Microphone and Speaker located on the Asus Chromebook?
  2. Asus Chromebook Microphone not working problem
  3. How to solve external microphone functioning abnormal problem?
  4. How you can use an earphone as a mic on your laptop?
  5. Discord not taking input of your microphone?

Where are Microphone and Speaker located on the Asus Chromebook?


Find Headphone Jack with Microphone support and Speaker Slot,


Let us find where are the Microphone and Speaker are present on the Asus Chromebook Laptop because to solve this problem you need to know the background of the problem. The microphone is located on both sides of the camera, you will see the small opening that is the microphone.

in Windows 11

  1. Right-click on the Speaker icon at bottom left status bar.
  2. Go to the Option Sound settings.
  3. Scroll to the input section and check the Microphone volume level.
  4. Click on Microphone Array and click on Start Test. that’s it.

In Windows 10

  1. You have to find the speaker option then right-click on that option.
  2. Click on Sound or Audio devices.
  3. Then go to the Recordings tab.
  4. After that, you will find a Microphone.
  5. To check you just have to make noise and in the microphone option, you will see that green bars are moving up and down.

Another thing is where is the speaker of the laptop is underneath the laptop where you will find pair of speakers to check whether it is a speaker or not you can play any music and observer whether the sound is coming or not.

Asus Chromebook Microphone not working problem?

You will be able to resolve this problem by simply cleaning the physical Chromebook keyboard and it and will start working again. You have to check whether you have spilled any liquid substance on your laptop this may cause damage to your laptop. So first you have to confirm this.

If the above scenario is not the case, then what you can do is check that your microphone is working or not go to mictest.com. There click on test my mic then allow the popup message. Then try to speak something you will observe the spike on screen while you speak and it will check your mic quality. If the quality is less than 800 then your mic quality is not good which means the people to whom you are talking will not hear you loudly.

In Windows 11

Windows 11 system settings allow users to check the level of the Microphone with a simple recording test and the quality of recorded audio in percentage. To check all the settings follow the below steps,

1. Open Settings of your Windows 11 computer, right-click on start menu > settings, or Press Windows + i to open settings.

2: Select the option “System” > “Sound”.


Scroll to the section named, Input and Select the Input device, here’s the default microphone Microphone array, if you need to switch then add or Select from the existing connected device.


Adjust the volume level. and Set to the maximum.

Select “Microphone Array” which is your selected input microphone > under the Test Your Microphone click on Smart Test.


If it’s not working correctly then check for updating the Microphone driver with the option “Check for Driver Updates“.


and Download all available updates to fix the microphone issue. again test the result and see the improvements.


That’s all about adjusting the input microphone level and Diagnosing the microphone problem in the windows 11 laptops and computers.

Solution 2:-

Also check, Microphone is enabled for System settings or Selected app, Go to the Settings > Privacy & Security > Microphone > Enable Microphone Access and Enable for the selected app installed on your computer.


In Windows 10 or Earlier

You can follow the given steps below to solve this problem.

  1. Go to search bar type Sound settings.
  2. Click on it and then click on open.sound-settings-on-chromebook
  3. Select the Microphone option in the section of Choose your input device.2-input-device
  4. Check whether the volume is set to mute mode if not then click on more sound settings.more-sound-settings
  5. Go to the Recording tab and then select the Internal Microphone and click on Properties.internal-microphone-and-click-on-properties
  6. Then go to the Levels tab there you will find a slider bar to the adjust volume level and check if it does not set to mute mode then. image 5
  7. Click on OK this will save the changes. 

How to solve external microphone functioning abnormal problem?

This problem usually comes in Chromebook because of the glitch in this laptop. To solve this issue please do the following steps: –

  1. Connect the headphone into the headphone jack.
  2. Click on settings bottom right you will see wifi clock symbols etc.
  3. Click the right arrow left side of the volume.
  4. Then click headphones.
  5. After that unplug the headphone and this will auto switch to speaker.
  6. Now when you connect headphones again it should auto switch to the headphone.

How you can use an earphone as a mic on your laptop?

If your laptop is not working properly and you an urgent work and you want to speak with someone viva video call. The best option is to use earphones. Every laptop has an earphone jack in the Asus Chromebook it is on the left side of the base of the laptop. You only need to have an earphone, when you connect that earphone and if it has microphones in it, they will work as both microphone and speaker.

If this does not work then you have to check whether your earphones have a mic or not if they do then check the default device sleeted in your laptop. For this you can do the following steps: –

  1. Go to the taskbar.
  2. Click on the arrow inside that you will find the sound icon.
  3. Right-click on that icon.
  4. Then sound manager.sound-manager-on-chromebook
  5. Go to the microphone.adjust-microphone-on-asus-chromebook
  6. Then Connect your earphone with the laptop.
  7. Check whether your laptop is recognizing the earphone or not. 
  8. To check when you plug the earphone it will switch to the Speaker tab.

Discord not taking input of your microphone?

Communication is the most important thing while playing video games. And it is easy to say that if you’re gaming and while gaming you will be using discord. If you are facing some problem then I have the solutions to that. The first thing you can do is if your mic is not detected by discord try to uninstall and again install the discord.

The reason for this can be Windows 10 privacy Settings.

  1. Click on the search tab and type Privacy settings.
  2. Then click on open.
  3. Go to Microphone and set the option to allow access to the microphone.
  4. After these steps discord should take input from the microphone.
  5. If not then follow further given steps.
  6. Right-click on Discord.exe 
  7. Click on properties
  8. Go to the compatibility tab.
  9. Check the checkbox to run this program as administrator.
  10. Then click on apply this will apply the changes

Hope you  got the solution you have been searching for here.


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