Where is Microphone Located on HP Laptop Windows 11 and Enable Microphone & Fix issues

Where is Microphone Located on HP Laptop Windows 11 and Enable Microphone & Fix issues

Many HP laptops have faced- microphone issues in the recent- models. Here I will cover the few models for solving the microphone issues related to it. Hp -models such as HP Elite Dragonfly, HP Zbook Studio G7, HP Envy 15, HP Chromebook 14, HP EliteBook x360 1040, HP EliteBook 840 G37, Hp omen 15, and many more will be covered in upcoming topics. Running windows 11, windows 10.

Here are some tips to resolve the in-built microphone / external mic-related issues with the HP laptop models mentioned above, like where the microphone is located, installing the microphone drivers, or allowing the microphone access, alternate problem whether might be microphone is dead or not.

Here are the most common questions asked or commonly faced by the users while using microphone issues. so, we will talk about common issues and let you have a solution for your problem!

Where is Microphone on HP laptops body?

Microphones have now been mostly installed as tiny holes near your system’s integrated webcam. We can have the microphone beside the webcam, as shown in the figure below. 

The microphone has been located precisely at the same location in all-new models. Talking about the right part image, as shown in the fig, it shows the number 3, which is a 3.5mm jack input port. We will discuss how we can use it in further parts…

where is microphone located in HP laptop
where is microphone located in HP laptop

Check Microphone Input Driver on HP Laptop

Check and Verify the installed Driver for the input microphone on an HP laptop running windows 11 or windows 10. The steps are very simple and easy to fix if there is an issue with the Input driver. In such a case you will see a yellow alert or a Red mark, Otherwise, you have to check for updates as well.

  1. Right click on the Start menu in Windows 11.
  2. Click on Device Manager > From the windows, Expand Audio Inputs and Outputs section.
  3. See the Microphone array and See everything is fine.
  4. Right-click on the item and see the option for Update Driver.
  5. If you can’t update here then you have to download the latest HP Laptop driver from the website and install it on your computer.

If everything is fine, then you will see your driver is up to date, Doesn’t need to take action.

Download and install Microphone Driver for HP

Download all the latest driver and software updates for your HP laptop model using the serial number.

  1. First Know your Computer or Laptop serial number using a terminal. Open the terminal app, Type “wmic bios get serialnumber” and Hit the return to Know serial number.
  2. Copy the Serial number and Enter it in the box to identify your laptop model and Get Software updates for a microphone as well.
  3. Click on All Drivers option, to see the list of drivers and download as of your needs.
  4. That’s an easy method to download the exact driver for your laptop without knowing the model number.

How to Troubleshoot HP Microphone

if you want to diagnose the system settings in windows 11 or windows 10 then follow the below steps. Windows will guide you where is the problem and help fix it automatically if possible.

  1. Open the settings app on Windows, press the Command + i button, or Right-click on the start menu > Settings.settings-app-in-windows-11-start-menu
  2. Go to the System > Troubleshoot option.run-troubleshooting-in-windows-11-dell-copy
  3. Select the Other Troubleshooters and Select the Recording Audio option.select-other-troubleshootings-in-windows-11
  4. Run the setup to Diagnose the issue with the driver and fix itself.run-diagnose-for-recording-microphone-on-acer-laptop

Allow App-Specific Microphone settings in HP laptop

Now, the Windows system has built-in options to restrict the microphone access for all the systems or for specific app. to use Microphone or dictation for the specific app, the option must be enabled. follow the below steps,

  1. Open the settings app, press Windows + i key, or Open the setting by right click on the start menu.
  2. Select Privacy & Security Option > Microphone.
  3. Next, Enable the microphone access toggle and Also check the Microphone is enabled for the installed app on your Windows computer or laptop.
  4. Check after restarting your System.

Setup Audio Input in Windows 11: Setup Microphone Array

  1. Open the Settings app on Windows 11, right-click on the Start menu or Windows + i to open Settings.
  2. Go to the System Settings > Sound.
  3. See the Input section, and Choose the correct microphone Array. and Adjust the Input microphone level. under the Volume microphone.adjust-microphone-level-in-windows-11-computer
  4. And Test the microphone for your Computer or Laptop.

HP latitude microphone not working

Once you follow the above solution, then test with Voice Recording App available in windows 11. Sometimes, your App running outdated or buggy. so, make a sample test.

Reset All Settings of your HP laptop [Reinstall windows]

if everything is just fine but the issue is with the install windows OS. then you need to reinstall the new Windows system on your PC. in your windows 11 follow the below steps to reinstall windows OS without erasing your content and app. and the Second option is to delete all data and app settings.

  1. Open the settings app [Command + i from the keyboard or Open settings by right click on the Start menu].
  2. System > Recovery.
  3. Click on the Reset this PC option, and select the type of reset option, Keep my Files but Reinstall windows. and the second option is Remove Everything, this will erase all data but reinstall the window.

Use Microphone Keyboard Shortcut

Today, Laptop comes if iconic shortcut to quickly enable and disable some input control like Microphone during the Audio and video call. So, check on your Laptop Keyboard and See if any microphone key is enabled or turned on for muted.

How to Enable Built-in microphone?

To enable the inbuilt microphone the basics steps are to be followed the solution is common for the Hp pavilion and other models too.

Basically, the inbuilt microphone can be activated by just following the steps:

  • Go to the taskbar, then right-click on the icon of a speaker
  • It will pop up the window, select “recording devices,” and select disabled and enabled devices.
  • open the menu bar and click to show the available options for “integrated microphone.
  • click the integrated microphone option and make sure you enable the microphone.
  • Then set the microphone as the default audio input device.

Many of the HP models above doesn’t respond to the microphone driver due to some technical issues. But we have come to a solution for this too.

You need to go through this site amd.com/en/support download the drivers required for the microphone and install it and make sure to reboot the laptop after installing the drivers.

How to use External Microphone using the 3.5 mm audio jack?

For this, you can refer to the image above showing the right part of the laptop. The tag numbered “3” is been useful in this scenario. It’s an option for those whose inbuilt microphones can’t be worked though we have provided the solution for all issues out there.

This is used as an external mic. As mentioned, it Connects optional powered stereo speakers, headphones, earbuds, a headset, or a television audio cable. Also, it can connect to an optional headset microphone which one can use for voice calls, video calls, meetings. But is a drawback that this jack does not support optional standalone microphones to connect.

Using a 3.5mm jack cable is the second most option to use as it can be used as a microphone, too, so you don’t need to be worried if your inbuilt microphone stops responding. Though we have made a selection for the 3.5mm audio jack for you…!

How to update the audio driver of the HP laptop?

To keep updated the drivers, or if the audio is not detected, you need to update the audio driver. Here I have a few methods for updating the drivers easily through the following few steps:

You can download the driver from the official site for example the Hp support and search for the driver you required.

For manual updating:

  • Go to the official site of Hp support.
  • Search for software and drivers tab inside it go for update the audio driver.
  • Select the compatible device download option 
  • After downloading the on-screen instructions will help you to install the driver.

We have an update to also one more method.i.e., through device manager

Follow the steps:

  • To make this method successful you need to make a click of two keys simultaneously “windows key +R”.
  • Doing this it will pop up the screen box and select an option of “devmgmt. msc” and click ok.
open device management on windows
open device management on windows
  • Further, it will make various options available to select Sound, video, and game controllers and click ok.
  • It will open an option of three alternatives select high definition and audio device and right-click it.
  • You could see the option for updating the driver.
  • Lastly, please make a selection for the Search automatically for updated driver software as shown on-screen window and follow it, and you are done ..!

why my mic just randomly stopped working?

This problem can be due to the inbuilt microphone disabling itself during any work. to make sure it works I have mentioned the steps on pages 2-3 above. Hence, I will guide you to overcome this error as there are different options you can try updating the driver mentioned above.

If it still doesn’t work, there are alternative ways i.e., you can download driver fix software(https://www.driverfix.com/) or restore pc repair tool(https://www.restoro.com/). You can also reset the window audio service to enable the microphone to follow the given steps:

  • Go to the Search bar located at the left bottom, search for services.msc type by typing it into it, and double click to open Services.
  • Search for the Windows Audio service in the on-screen window.
  • If it’s not enabled, do the right-click and select the Start option in there, or If it’s enabled already, then right-click it and select Restart again.
  •  Wait for the system to finish the process and kindly make a restart the laptop.

This guide will make your microphone enabled …!

Why does my microphone get very noisy?

Many users have faced issues during the audio call or video call. Don’t worry I have a solution for it which will help you get out of the problem. These issues get evoked due to the background or ambient noises. Here are some methods to minimize the interferences.

Here the settings will be the same for all windows systems i.e windows 7, 8,10 which is efficient on all. You just need to follow some steps manually.

  • Go to the control panel by searching in the search bar.
  • Open hardware and sound.
  • For example, you could find the microphone bar under sound > recording.
  • Then, click the microphone.
  • Go to properties.
  • As on-screen instruction, search for the level tab in the window.
  • Go for the boost tool under the microphone.
  • Make a roll, i.e., upward and downward in the level on the microphone boost.
  • If done, you can proceed to the tab name enhancements.
  •  As a tick box would appear, make sure the Noise suppression and Acoustic echo cancellation.
  • You can test the audio, too, go back to the recording menu and search for listening to this device and click ok.

By performing these steps, you are ready to go back to your gaming,meetings !

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