Where is Microphone Located on Microsoft surface Laptop how to Enable Microphone & Fix issues


Microsoft surface laptop has been a good selling product for the developers also for normal usage.laptops like Microsoft surface go, surface series Microsoft pro X, Pro 7, many others are covered. But in recent times, this has faced some microphone issues were. So here in this guide, I will help you guide the problems faced by the users on the daily using reports.

Here we have taken few problems discussed and help with the solution.

Problems regarding the microphone are

Where Is the microphone located on the Microsoft surface laptop?

Microsoft surface laptop S series have located the microphone at the camera as shown in the first image.

These microphones are located about as in inch to the right of the camera as in tiny holes. These tiny holes are also at the back next to the rear camera, i.e., two small circular type openings next to the rear camera.

These tiny openings are nothing but the microphone allowed location

Microphone Location on Microsoft surface Laptop (2)
Microphone Location on Microsoft surface Laptop (2)
Microphone Location on Microsoft surface Laptop (1) (1)
Microphone Location on Microsoft surface Laptop (1) (1)

Why is my microphone working on my Microsoft Surface?

The microphone can  stop working at any  moment so to overcome these issues we have some solutions:

  •  Many users often don’t set the microphone to default so make sure that it isn’t disabled and it’s set to default.
  • By going to the search option go for recording devices.
  • Right-click and let the option of “show disconnected devices” and also “ show disabled devices.
  • Go for “Microphone” and click on properties and make them enabled.

Another way can be by updating the drivers:

  • Go to the Realtek website.
  • Download the latest 64-bit audio drivers.
  • Reinstall the drivers.

Also, don’t forget to reboot after updating the drivers.

How do I enable my microphone?

To enable the inbuilt microphone the basics steps are to be followed the solution is common for the Microsoft surface laptops and other models too.

The inbuilt microphone can be activated by just following the steps:

  • Go to the Start, then right-click on the icon of a speaker
  • It will pop up the window, select “recording devices” and select disabled and enabled devices.
  • open the menu bar and click to show the available options for “integrated microphone”
  • click the integrated microphone option and make sure you enable the microphone.
  • Then set the microphone as the default audio input device.

Many of the HP models above doesn’t respond to the microphone driver due to some technical issues. But we have come to a solution for this too.

You just need to go through this site amd.com/en/support download the drivers required for the microphone and install it and make sure to reboot the laptop after installing the drivers.

How do I test my microphone for zoom?

Seeing this problem we have come to one solution. Let us help you with this problem

  • It would help if you had your microphone enabled before processing through  Microsoft surface series or any other models.
  •  Following the above question, you can enable it.
  • Following are the steps:
  • So after joining the meet sessions you would get an option to click Test speaker and Microphone.
audio conference option (1)
audio conference option (1)
  • After joining the meet, it will pop up for testing the speakers. you can drag down the option, if you don’t hear the ringtone select no option.
output level (1)
output level (1)
  • Now if you don’t hear the audio click no, if you get a reply then click yes.
input level (1)
input level (1)
  • Now you can join with the computer audio and exit the test.
audio conference option (1)
audio conference option (1)

Microphone Not Recording any Sound?

Microphone sound often gets disabled so to overcome this problem we have to discover few steps.

Follow these steps  to overcome:

  • Firstly you have to check for windows updates if thereby running surface diagnostic toolkit.
  • Or you can check errors on the device manager and update the drivers.

To update drivers and firmware:

  • Go to settings and go to system and in about. { to know about the current OS build}.
  • Then go for download driver and firmware for surface and then download and install the MSI file.

Restart the device

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