Where is Microphone Located On Toshiba latest models and Fix microphone issues?

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Toshiba laptops have been well known for their best performance and their seamless multitasking performance. Many Toshibas models have been the kickstart for the company.

Models like Toshiba Tecra A50, Toshiba Tecra C50, Toshiba Portege Z30, Toshiba satellite series have a remarkable impact too. But talking about the microphone issues these models have faced, we have a solution for most of every issue discussed below.

Following are the microphone issues discussed:

Where Is The Microphone Located?

Here in the Toshiba models, they have an integrated microphone right beside the camera as numbered shown below. The tiny below holes play an important role in performing daily routine work. It also consists of the microphone near the camera then, check the bottom panel of the LCD near the hinges. You will find a tiny hole labeled as “mic.” It also works as an external microphone too.

microphone location
microphone location

The Toshiba satellite model P10/P15 doesn’t contain an in-built microphone, so to use the microphone, you have to use the external microphone. So kindly go through the given session.

How To Use A 3.5mm Jack As An External Microphone?

Talking about the external microphone, we tend to have many options for our users, so you don’t have to worry. We will sort this out for you too.

If the internal microphone doesn’t support in few models, you could go for a 3.5mm jack cable to use it as it has an external microphone in the headset or cable. However, users have tended to choose USB headphones over internal microphones for better quality, i.e., 3.5mm audio jack.

We have shortlisted the best 3.5mm audio jack for your use…

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You can find the audio jack point in the left part of the body besides the USB option, as shown below. This product secures your privacy too, as it allowed access to direct surfing sites and many more ..!

3.5mm jack as an external microphone
3.5mm jack as an external microphone

The Built-in Mic In My Toshiba Laptop Doesn’t Work?

A microphone can many times goes silent eventually, to overcome this problem we have a solution for you. Follow these steps for the related issues:

  • Search for “type to search”, go to “change sound card settings” and press Enter.
  • Search for the recording tab in there.       
  • Select the show available devices from the menu by clicking the right click. 
  • So it will pop up the enabled and not enabled devices, select the built-in recording device and select “Enable” from the menu.
  • After enabling the microphone click on the levels tab.
  • You can drag the volume to the maximum limit.
  • The default value of the microphone boost will be equal to 0. Kindly increase the boost.
microphone level setting
microphone level setting

Why Others Can’t Hear Me On Skype?


Kindly make sure you have enabled the microphone activation part, as we have discussed earlier. Also, kindly check that if the microphone or the headset you are using are connected appropriately.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to start, then go to the settings where you could find the system, and in that go for sound.
  •  Check for the input, and ensure that the microphone is selected in the drag-down option.
  • To check the microphone kindly click the test your microphone option and see to that whether windows is listening to you.
test your microphone on windows pc
test your microphone on windows pc


If the problem is persisting, you Can follow these steps further and make sure if still working or not.

  • Kindly see that your microphone has the default skype as a recording device.
  • Go to the start option and search for the skype option in it.
  • After clicking the option go to the more option and in that go for settings.
  • Go for the option for audio and video, click it.
  • See to that the microphone is being selected and under to it see that you have preferred the speaker or headset as an option.

How Do I Update The Drivers In Toshiba Laptops?

This laptop model has an installer that lends you to install drivers and the application on the system. To download the driver and install it, kindly  follow the steps:

  • go to the start menu, search for the application, you will be given the option of “Toshiba application installer”.
  • perform the onscreen notations.
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 1
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 1
  • go to next and you can make a selection of microphone driver you have to download.
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 2
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 2
  • after selecting the device, you can click the start for installing.
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 3
update the drivers in Toshiba laptops 3
  • now it’s ready to install and exit.

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