Where is the OnePlus 9R Microphone location and issues

A microphone is a hidden hardware interface that’s hard to find to send a clear voice while Phone call, Video call, or audio call. So, if you have a problem finding out the microphone location on your OnePlus mobile then here’s the complete guide to check the exact location of the Microphone on the OnePlus 9R model.

Also, know the easy fix on microphone not working on your OnePlus 9R and Get Settings that manage microphone input audio level, and cleaning, and Get help from OnePlus support.

  • Where Is the microphone located on the oneplus 9R?
  • Why is my microphone not working on my oneplus 9R?
  • How do you check recording quality in oneplus?

Where Is the microphone located on the oneplus 9R?

Microphones usually are permanently settled at the bottom and the top, as shown in the image below. The lower microphone and the upper microphone can be identified by small tiny holes located there. As you can speak directly to the microphone and the receiver would hear your voice. 

OnePlus top and bottom microphone
OnePlus top and bottom microphone

It has a charge port available at the hinges nearby to the left of the lower microphone, which can be used as an external microphone using an audio cable.

Why is my Microphone Not Working on My Oneplus 9R?

Oneplus 9r had been the top-notch smartphone at a reasonable price stand, but this had faced some microphone issues for many reasons, according to the many users. The microphone can be get interrupted due to the physical input problem too. So to avoid the issues like audio that doesn’t allow a user to send to another user can be solved by the following solution.

Few tricks to get your problem solved are:

  1. Try reboot your phone.

Rebooting your phone many times gets the minor problem resolved.

This can also solve the problem of freezing apps too. To restart or boot, follow these steps:

  1. Press the power button for a while > following the on-screen notation, select the restart option.

After the device is rebooted, kindly make sure to check the microphone is working appropriately.

  • Update  the software
Software update on oneplus
Software update on oneplus

Updating the software many times solves the user problem like troubleshooting, also microphone issues too.

Updating the software may look like this, as shown above. Updating the software may look like this, as shown above.

How Do You Check Recording Quality in OnePlus?

Use Built in Voice Recorder app to record voice using Built in Internal Microphone. By trying to keep microphone near to sound coming from the direction. Or use Any Bluetooth Headphone that has internal microphone to record preciously.

Seeing this  issue, the user might get due to the following reasons:

  1. The problem may be in the outlet of the microphone location, so we would just you to cl3ean the outlet of the microphone through experts.

So by cleaning it will reduce the effect caused due to it and make a proper connection.

  • The primary issue can be due to the physical damage nearby the microphone, which tends not to record the audio,  so kindly check if there’s any damage or not.
  •  If the problem persists, we would recommend you to get a phone check by the officials.
  • Clean up the microphone using Blow air in to mic hole.
  • or Contact OnePlus Support online. here’s different repairing options like Paid Service, Protection plan or more.

You can also make use of an external microphone to record the audio or for calls. Oneplus also provides excellent audio cables or wired earphones to use them to replace the internal microphone.


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