What is my wifi password, How to know & change WiFi password Windows 10

Here are the best practice and common way to change your WiFi router password without knowing your login details.  There are too many router networking companies giving the different setup for set your WiFi router password change it like a TP-LINK, iBall Baton, Netgear, Dlink,  and many others (List WiFi router).  Non-technical or non-experience in the networking field peoples are afraid about the ball process of data WiFi router on change WiFi router password that it’s very simple that we can do easily from your connected or disconnected this WiFi router password.

WiFi Router Password” and “Router Password” is different.

WiFi Router Password: WiFi Router Password is key for connect your Wireless device with your Network

Router Password: Router Password is used for changing the router settings and password.

Get saved WiFi password on Mac

Guide WiFi Password: Know WiFi password, Find Saved WiFi password on Windows Laptop or PC

Yeah, right we have the ultimate solution if you don’t get or login with your router password.

For these two cases, I will see you how to change WiFi password

  1. Change from connected with your WiFi router devices (Laptop or Desktop)
  2. Change from not connected device

Change WiFi router Password from Connected with internet Devices

For the privacy reason, router has 1 connected device from that you can easily change your WiFi router password.

7 open command prompt from run command

Open the command prompt on Windows system type, “IPconfig” find IP address of your router.

8 Get your network IP address on windows using command prompt ipconfig command

Copy the IP address and paste into your browser and hit the enter button.

Now default password for this window is username: admin and password: admin

9 login with username and password in rounter dashboard

Under the wireless network and security, change WiFi password that you wish

10 wireless router password for connect overt the air

Now for the second case change the WiFi password from this connected device

First of all connected device laptop and desktop via wireless cable,  repeat the same step that I have discussed and explained one by one in the first case.

Hope you get new WiFi router password using above steps.

Now the third case is if you changed router username and password. That have been changed by default admin and admin.

If you have changed this WiFi router password admin, then you most reset your router and reconfigure with new Router password and WiFi router password after that using the first case.

how to find wifi password on windows 10

Right click on WiFi icon from bottom icon > Open network and sharing center,

11 find wifi router name in network & sharing center

Than click on your Router name,

Wireless Property > Security Next Enable checkbox “Show character” and know Saved WiFi password on windows 10.

how to find wifi password on windows 10

Hope you know alternate ways to check or know Wi-Fi password and then how to change it guide.

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