How to open private browsing in android: HTC, LG, Samsung

Private browsing enables security surfing on your search and data for android chrome browser. Today most of the popular browser enabled for this features so the privacy handle by users. Namely popular mobile browser Google Chrome, UC Browsers, Opera and Opera mini also gives option for Enable and open private browsing in android.

With some few drawbacks in private browser mode you can get lots more benefits in your android device from anywhere and anytime.

Disadvantages are you can’t track or See recently opened page URL in Search history. Online payment and Banking site doesn’t store cookie or cache of your personal identity or track other device through your browser. Personal identity includes Username, Password, Address and your Payment Credit card or Debit card data.

Private browsing option available for all browser under the setting pane of each browsers. Here I showed how to enable private mode in google chrome mobile browser. So you can justify for the other alternatives browsers.

Steps for Enable and Open private browsing in android mobile

If you didn’t find this option in your phone then make sure about you have updated version of Google chrome browser.

1: Open Google Chrome browser in your android mobile or tab.

2: From top right corner tap on menu icon (Three vertical dots symbol).

3: Next, Tap on New incognito Tab option. See the browser preview for enabled mode.

Enable And Open private browsing in android

Note about that New private mode doesn’t block in page ads, or Script. So you can see the same preview and good experience on new private mode as well. But if browser found some malicious code then it will be alert you.

Enable incognito, Private browsing mode in UC browser – Android

For UC browser, hard to identify about private mode is enabled or not. Follow the screen steps below and put UC Browser in incognito mode.

Enable Private Browsing in UC Browser android mobile

Once you enabled, next new tabs will automatically open in same mode. Be safe yourself and feely search in your android mobile after Open private browsing in android.

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