How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on the Galaxy S20 & S20+, S20 Ultra

How to Enable Wi-Fi Calling on the Galaxy S20 & S20+, S20 Ultra

Don’t worry! if you are stuck in your friend’s home and there is an overcrowded area and there is the most common problem is week carrier connectivity and internet issue. if your mobile service doesn’t available. you Can use your friend Wi-Fi connection and make the call with your kith and kin and send mail

Enable/Block Spam Call/ Robo Call & Caller ID: Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/Ultra 5G

Enable or Block Spam Call & Robo Call & Caller ID on Samsung Galaxy S20,S20+,Ultra 5G

Spam call is disturbing your privacy, and it distracts your business and your personal activity. Robocall & Caller ID identify the number that you do not save in your mobile contact list that time Spam protection alert you when an incoming call may be spam. In our short tutorial, we will share with you to

How to Enable/Disable Guest Mode on OnePlus Android Mobile: Switch Between Guest-Owner Mode

Enable And Switch Guest Mode and Owner Mode on android mobile

Hello guys here we share with you helpful tips that secure your personal detail in mobile from another person. sometimes you want to share/borrow your phone someone but you don’t want to share with your settings and apps. so guys, dont miss to read our article. my users always send me a problem:  sometimes my

How to Setup Messages For Web on Desktop from Any Android Mobile: What Should Do if Not Working on OnePlus, Samsung Galaxy

Sign Out Messages for Web on Desktop

You can send messages and mail using a mobile phone but its primary problem. it is very time-consuming to write a message using the small keypad of an android device. but luckily, now a good facility- its a laptop & computer. you can send and receive a message through desktop or notebook computer. also, you

Enable/Disable Background Data, Mobile Data Usage For App On Android: Samsung Galaxy S10/S10 Plus, Galaxy S8/Note 8 and Other

Stop Data Usage or Disable Backgroud app refresh on android mobile

Right Now We have amazing android devices. these are few flagship android devices this year from Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus, LG, Vivo, Moto, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Nokia, Redmi. sometimes you face mobile hang issues, fact battery drain problems, slow running apps. guys its solution I have. let’s see how to Enable or Disable Background Data on

How to Use Call Screening On Pixel Mobile, Setup, Compatible Device, When Available

Setup and Enable Call Screening on Android mobile

Here we talk about Call Screening features on an android device. You know guys what call screening is. You can find out who’s calling and why before you pick up a call using Call Screen. Its features help you better understand who is calling and why. Call screening features do work without using Wi-Fi, Mobile