Fixed: Laptop Battery Not Charging, Draining fast and Over-hitting

Here I discussed most powerful reasons for saving more battery life for each single battery charge cycle. Over time or after long use battery consuming is the sophisticated reasons for any electronics gadgets. The company gives the specific number of charging cycle at the time of design and release. But too much use and irresponsible techniques create problems related battery drain fast, Battery over hitting or too small time for battery backup.

But are you the new laptop users? or in the intermediate stage of your laptop battery life. You should follow the below tips that really help to save power and longer time to use original company battery.

Laptop battery not charging, How to Increase Battery life: Guide

1. Listen Audio on External Speaker, Microphone or Best Headphone, not from laptop speaker.
2. Brightness – In dark are or low light we don’t need too much brightness. So keep it in medium or low intensity.
3. Keep turn off Bluetooth while not in use, Bluetooth mostly works in the background. So we need to stop that by disabling it.
4. Manage Auto sleep time, Sleep Screen – To manage it Go to the Control Panel > Find power Option.

Next, Tap on Change plan settings.

1 Laptop power option on windows 10 or Windows 7

Three Different options, Turn off Display, Put the computer to sleep and Adjust plan brightness. And Finally, save changes.

2 Battery Performance in Windows Laptop or Desktop

5. Close all background process from task manager: To open Task Manager, Right Click on the bottom menu bar > Task Manager. or Search Task manger in Cortana search.
6. Remove unwanted programs or software installed from Control Panel

7. Auto backup data online keep specific interval, not always on
Background Windows Update stop – Sometimes it helpful because the new update in Windows 10 help to save battery life.
8. Use Original Charger
9. Wrong power plan

10. The graphic is very high and unsupported or incompatible, Update your Graphics card and install compatible and latest version of the graphics card.

Track or Check Laptop Battery test

Yes, we can generate laptop battery report using battery report function.

To Activate this, First Give path for save generated a report on your local drive. Press Windows + X and Select command prompt.

In the below command, MYFOLDER replaces with save location path.

type this command: powercfg /batteryreport /output MYFOLDER\mybatteryreport.html

and Press enter. This will create the report (mybatteryreport.html) that can read in your browser, Right-click on it and Open with Browser.

Carefully review all the possible solution discussed in this article for laptop battery not charging or Laptop Battery Saving Tips.

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