HTC U12 won’t turn on and black screen of death

HTC U12 is really brand phone in the market. So never do the mistake that there is any issue. Guys issue create every time anywhere. Here one problem that HTC U12 won’t turn on screen not responding, a screen is a frozen and black screen issue. But you don’t take tense because its common problem and we solve it easily now. This issue most of the combine with faulty hardware.

HTC U12 black screen issue

Here our hand their solution so guys we present some tip for black screen issue for HTC U12. If you have that problem so guys below step and solve your problem at home.

How to fix HTC U12 with Black Screen issue

Set 1: may be your mobile battery died, so connect with correct charger and after 30 min press power button few second and solve your problem. Also change charging, USB port and Wall socket.

Set 2: it’s liquid hardware damage so repairs it.

Set 3: clear the cache partition.

First power down on your mobile after boot its recovery mode. And then after select and choose languages and after the tap on option wipe cache option, tap yes a and wait for few seconds and last reboot and restart your mobile and solve your problem.

Set 4: try to force start.

Press and hold the power button until you will see OnePlus logo on your mobile screen. And solve your issue.

Set 5:  maybe your power button damaged so change it and solve your problem.

Use above all fix and solve your issue that How to fix black screen on the HTC U12 device.

Since not solve your problem so go the mobile store and meet technician and ask a question that my phone is working but my screen is black so technician gives the solution.

So guys solve your problem and enjoy your day

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