How to Restart, Hard Reset or Reboot OnePlus 6 mobile

We need to perform a soft restart, Hard Reset or Reboot your OnePlus 6 android Oreo. That help in a fix most common problems like your OnePlus 6 won’t turn on or Won’t charge. Sometimes charging is on but showing the black screen and won’t wake up the screen because of your OnePlus 6 in the restart loop.

Guys we give you best suggestion reboot first in any significant or little problem also a common and minor issue of OnePlus 6 device is mobile become unresponsive. If any issue creat problem, you can’t simply reboot the OnePlus 6 android phone. In that type cases, we help you. Meet our hand how to reboot a frozen OnePlus 6.

Hard Reset fixes all the problem from the root and troubleshoots all the software problems itself.

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Steps for Restart, Hard Reset or Reboot OnePlus 6 mobile with Oreo and Oxygen OS

Hard Reset OnePlus 6

Set 1: let’s start first one thing, turn of your cool smartphone OnePlus 6 device tapping power button for a couple of moment.

Set 2: then the second step is tap & push volume down + power key for few second.

Set 3: now you see your little screen change that releases all keys.

Set 4: now type the pin and unlock your OnePlus 6 mobile screen.

Set 5: now go to menu and tap and select Wipe data cache.

Set 6: select Erase everything tap, and confirm it.

Set 7: yes! That’s a good job. You complete the Hard Reset OnePlus 6.

Set 8: and last don’t miss one thing that Reboots your smartphone.

Reboot or Restart OnePlus 6

Press and hold side button or power button on one plus 6.

Now, turn on again press and hold until you see one plus logo on the screen.

This tricks also called soft reset OnePlus 6 or Quick Restart OnePlus 6

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