Galaxy S9/S9 Plus Camera Shortcuts: Quickly Launch Camera

Galaxy S9 and S9plus camera have latest features so some significantly new and superb camera: dual camera, slow-motion camera, panorama, Hyperlapse, Live focus. Now many camera application for Galaxy Camera S9 plus Camera shortcut. If Samsung Galaxy S9 camera app stopped working so use our tips.

Here we introduce you some various ways to open Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus Camera shortcut Application on your Samsung Galaxy S9 And S9 plus.

#1: Quick launch camera in side button

This is the faster way to launch to camera Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus. You can fast quickly tap the power button two times and start Samsung Galaxy camera S9 & S9 plus app immediately. This App name is Galaxy S9 camera Quick launch.

This is best quick camera launch app and their good things are: when screen on or off, when you are using the app or not using the app and when screen lock or unlock.

When you are using that app  that time you will remind you of this feature as shown below:

#2: Lock screen to start the camera app

By nonpayment, in Samsung Galaxy S9 lock screen to show app below. Here two app shortcut tips on the left and right of the bottom.       You people go to setting- lock screen and security- App shortcut. Here you quickly tap camera app icon without unlocking the screen. So use it because it has best Samsung Galaxy S9 camera features.

#3: use camera app icon on the home screen.

Here you can add the camera app shortcut Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9plus on your mobile home screen. Most of the people use it by tap camera button like above method. Using Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9 plus camera app is too much faster. So you use this best camera app.

Here is best and latest way to start quick shortcut key of the camera. So use it and enjoy it.

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